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When Should I Get an Adjustment?

When Should I Get A Spinal Adjustment?

The answer is “As soon as you develop spinal nerve stress.” But since spinal nerve stress is often painless, it’s good to get your spine checked periodically, as you get your teeth checked periodically for “painless” cavities. Symptoms are the last to surface as a health problem develops over time. In the early stages, spinal degeneration is hardly noticeable. As it progresses, you notice fatigue, reduced ability to cope with stress, increasing aches and pains, and distorted posture. By the last stage, pain is constant, disability is both mental and physical, and full range of motion is impossible. Studies show that in the U.S. significant levels of spinal degeneration can be detected in over one-third of the population by age 30. By age 70, it’s present in nearly everyone and has been blamed for 180,000 patients who are bed-ridden or chair-ridden each year.